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March 8, Pelplin Cathedral Basilica

March 8
In the Diocese of Pelplin
In the Cathedral Basilica – Solemnity

Mestwin II, duke of Pomerania, brought Cistercians to Pelplin and they built in the neighbourhood of their monastery a magnificent temple that aroused the admiration of the contemporaries, which is mentioned by Jan Długosz, a Polish chronicler. The church was destroyed twice: during the Teutonic wars and during the wars with Swedes. In the 18th century, after the dissolution of monasteries by the Prussian government, the Holy See moved an episcopal see from Chełmża to Pelplin, making the post-monastic church the cathedral.

Common of Dedication of a Church.

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March 4, St Casimir Jagiellon (Kazimierz Jagiellończyk)

March 4
In the Province of Białystok and the Diocese of Radom:
Primary patron saint of the province and diocese – Solemnity
In the Archdiocese of Kraków: Patron saint of the archdiocese – Feast

Casimir was a son of King Casimir Jagiellon. He was born in 1458. He was known for his chastity and mercy to the poor. Alongside his father he actively participated in the political life of the country. A fervent venerator of the Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary, he devoted much time to prayer. He died after a long-lasting lung disease in 1484.

Common of Holy Men, except:

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February 23, Bl Stephen Vincent (Stefan Wincenty) Frelichowski

February 23
in the Archdiocese of Toruń
Obligatory memorial

Stephen Vincent (Stefan Wincenty) Frelichowski was born in Chełmża on 22 January 1913. After graduating from the seminary in Pelplin, he was ordained in 1937. After serving as a bishop’s chaplain for a year, he became a vicar of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish in Toruń, where he came to be known as an excellent chaplain of the young, especially dedicated to those in need. Arrested by the Nazi at the beginning of World War II, he got to a few concentration camps, and was eventually placed in Dachau. He was involved in the lively underground pastoral and charity activities. During the outbreak of typhoid in the camp in 1944, he willingly served ill fellow prisoners. Weak and inhumanly treated by his oppressors, he himself contracted typhoid. He died as a martyr on 23 February 1941.

Common of One Martyr, or of Pastors.

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February 15, Bl Michael (Michał) Sopoćko

February 15
in the Archdiocese of Białystok
Optional memorial

Michael (Michał) Sopoćko was born on 1 November 1888 in the Vilnius region. After ordination, he worked diligently in the parochial and military chaplaincy, simultaneously performing educational and social duties. He was a professor and tutor in seminaries in Vilnius and Białystok. Living by the ideals of the sacerdotal life, he showed concern for the formation of priests. As sister Faustina Kowalska’s confessor and spiritual director, he became an apostle of the Divine Mercy, he strove for the official approval of the devotion. He founded the Congregation of Sisters of Merciful Jesus. He died on 15 February 1975 in Białystok.

Common of Pastors.

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