June 11, Radom Cathedral

June 11
In the Diocese of Radom
In the Cathedral – Solemnity

The Diocese of Radom was created by Pope John Paul II with the papal bull Totus Tuus Poloniae Populus on 25 March 1992. The current Cathedral Church of the Virgin Mary was designed by the architect Józef Dziekoński in 1896. It was built between 1899 and 1908. The first Holy Mass in front of the temple under construction was celebrated by Bishop Marian Ryx in 1906. The consecration took place on 22 November 1908 by Rev Mgr Piotr Górski. The Virgin Mary Parish was founded on 28 April 1921 by Bishop Marian Ryx, and Fr Kazimierz Sykulski, later beatified among 108 Polish martyrs by Pope John Paul II on 13 June 1999, became its first rector. The ceremonious consecration led by Servant of God Bishop Piotr Gołębiowski was held on 9 June 1962.

Common of Dedication of a Church.


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