August 14, Oliwa Archcathedral Basilica

August 14
In the Archdiocese of Gdańsk
In the Archcathedral Basilica – Solemnity

In the 13th century, a Cistercian church was erected in Oliwa. In the following years it was restored and rebuilt. It was consecrated ceremoniously on 14 August 1590 by Bishop Hieronim Rozdrażewski and dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Bernard. After the dissolution of the abbey in 1831, it became parish church. In 1925 Pope Pius XI created the Diocese of Gdańsk, and the church in Oliwa was made cathedral. In 1976 Pope Paul VI elevated it to the status of minor basilica. In 1992 Pope John Paul II created the Archdiocese of Gdańsk and the cathedral in Oliwa became metropolitan church.

Common of the Dedication of a Church.

[PDF Version]


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