September 24, Bielsko-Biała Cathedral

September 24
In the Diocese of Bielsko-Żywiec
In the Cathedral – Solemnity

The initial church of Saint Nicholas, founded by the Prince of Cieszyn, Wenceslaus I, was consecrated in 1447. In the years 1559-1630, it was an Evangelical church. It was burnt thrice between 1659-1808, and in the years 1785-1786 it weathered three earthquakes. In the years 1908-1911, it was re-built according to Leopold Bauer’s project. In 1911 it was dedicated by Cardinal Jerzy Kopp. In the years 1990-2003, its interior was thoroughly renovated and its roofing was changed. On 25 March 1992 John Paul II set up the Diocese of Bielsko-Żywiec. The church of Saint Nicholas was made cathedral.

Common of the Dedication of a Church.

[PDF Version]


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