November 8, Płock Cathedral Basilica

November 8
In the Diocese of Płock
In the Cathedral Basilica – Solemnity

Thanks to the endeavours of the Bishop of Płock, Aleksander, the cathedral church was built on a bank of the Vistula, where previously there had been a small temple erected by Benedictines during the first years of Polish Christianity. The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was consecrated in 1144. Throughout centuries it has been renovated several times. The re-consecration was conducted by the Bishop of Płock, Jerzy Szembek, on 8 November 1903, and in 1910 Pope Pius X made it minor basilica. Destroyed in the beginning of World War II, it was renovated and started to serve God again. Inside there are tombs of the princes: Ladislaus Herman and Boleslaus Wrymouth, and since the 12th century it has housed the relics of St Sigismund, King of Burgundy, Martyr, patron of the city.

Common of the Dedication of a Church.

[PDF Version]


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