November 19, Bl Salomea

November 19
Obligatory memorial

Salomea, daughter of Leszek the White and sister of Boleslaus the Chaste, was born ca 1212. She married a Hungarian prince Coloman, with whom she live in a mariage blanc. After his death, she returned to Poland and in 1245 she entered the convent of Poor Clares in Zawichost, which was later transferred to Skała near Kraków. She lavishly endowed the convent. She died on 17 November 1268. Her relics are housed in the Franciscan church in Kraków.

Common of Virgins.

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From the life of Blessed Salomea written by Stanislaus, a Franciscan
(Monumenta Poloniae Historica, Warsaw 1961, pp. 779-780)
May the Lord take me to the consolation of eternal life

After King Coloman’s death, Salomea, invoking the vow of chastity that she had made, returned to her homeland. Prandota, Bishop of Kraków, invested her with a veil to symbolise virginity and dedicated her to the Lord in the Order of St Clare following the rule of St Francis. She was received by Br Raymond, superior of the Polish province. From then on, Salomea lived in the order as a humble lady, generously supporting the poor, erecting churches and reforming convents.

She was overcome by a disease in 1268, on Saturday, 10 November on the eve of St Martin, when the Gospel was being read out during the Mass. He showed exceptional patience and composure during the illness and nothing could disturb her peace. In the Holy Spirit she would speak to her brethren and sisters about her nearing departure from the world. They would reply, “God forbid! By the grace of God, you shall stay with us.” She answered, “This Saturday all shall be clear.” And more such words she would utter but the brethren and sisters would not pay any attention. It was not until her death when they remembered what she had said.

On a Thursday before her death, she called upon all the sisters and told them how they ought to live and what to avoid. She said, “My beloved Sisters! Be peaceful in the Lord, love one another and be chaste, without blemish or murmuring and a great prize shall be given to you from the Lord and eternal joy. Should you do otherwise, you shall bring bring many a misery upon yourselves.”

On the same day, she handed over all she had to the prioress, saying, “In the name of the Lord! All I have got, no matter if I live or die, I place in the hands of the prioress.” About her funeral she said, “After my death, may my body be handed to the brethren, should they want to keep it, and buried by them.” Blessed Salomea also said to the brethren and sisters, “Brethren and Sisters! Do not ask God for my life. With trust, I beg my Lord, Jesus Christ, and His sweet Mother so that they may happily release me from the fetters of this body, for I have been a burden to many, rather than help. And through the intercession of the glorious Virgin, His Mother, may the Lord take me, unworthy, to the consolations of eternal life.

And when Blessed Salomea had fallen asleep in the Lord, he body was placed in the choir on a wicker-work and after eight days was buried in an underground tomb. [1]


How beautiful are you, o virgin of Christ.
 You deserved to be given from the Lord an eternal crown of virginity.

No one shall rid you of the palm of victory, nor separate you from the love of Christ.
You deserved to be given from the Lord an eternal crown of virginity.


O God,
you released Blessed Salomea, virgin, from the woes of earthly rule and inspired her to desire the perfect love,
grant that by her example, serving you in chastity and humility of the heart, we may attain eternal glory.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

[1] Translated by DChojnacki (2016).


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