January 5, Bl Mary Marcellina (Maria Marcelina) Darowska

January 5
In the Diocese of Łowicz
Optional memorial

Marcellina Darowska, née Kotowicz, was born on 16 January 1827 in Szulaki (currently in Belarus). In 1857, with Josephine (Józefa) Karska, she co-founded, the Congregation of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose aim was to renew family life by means of educating women. In 1863 she moved to Jazłowiec in the Archdiocese of Lviv. She bequeathed the developing congregation a spirituality based on a search for God alone in truth, selflessness and fulfilling God’s will modelled upon the Immaculate Virgin. She provided the educational centres of her sisters with an original system of teaching and educating. She died on 5 January 1911 in Jazłowiec. She was declared blessed by John Paul II in 1996.

Common of Religious.

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From the writings of Blessed Mary Marcellina Darowska
(“The Nicean Note” from 1859 and “The Last Will” from 1884, autographs in the Main Archive of the Sisters of the Immaculate Virgin)
The foundation of life is love of God

God’s idea behind our Congregation is to fulfil a petition of the Lord’s Prayer, the Kingdom of God on earth where one could live to the fullest for God and with God, by God’s will and under God’s rule. Behind these well-known, ordinary and apparently simple words, there is the entire world of love. Therefore, the foundation of our Congregation’s life is love of God.

Love of God is all but narrow – it comprises everything that is Divine, all humanity, the entire world. The world is the reflection of the family and its collapse is emphasised by the miserable condition of the present-day world that calls for repair, improvement, holiness. In order to transform the world, one must begin with transforming the woman. The woman is the mother of a new generation, mother of the future, because she brings up children who are the future of the world. Thus, in order to transform the world, one must begin with purifying and refining the woman; with preparing women who know and love God – in His commandments, in neighbours and in duties; wise and brave women as Scripture says. They are what the world needs today and to bring these up is the task of our Congregation by the eternal God’s will.

In the same way as the sin had come to the world through the woman, the world salvation came through the woman. One of the main goals of our Congregation, which fights for its Queen, is to maintain Her work of rehabilitating the woman, the work of lifting the woman, who has been weakened by recklessness and vanity, by purification and sanctification so that by the example of her Lady and Mother she may be the salvation and incentive of the world, it consolation and model that leads to the salvation.

Education in a moral sense creates man. Working upon education has its idea, which is to educate the woman to become the citizen of the Kingdom of God. That means educating her not only mentally and externally, but above all morally – educating her to become a real Christian wife. mother, hostess and citizen of her own country.

There is one more thing I tell you – love, venerate with your soul and heart, with your words and deeds, our Immaculate Mother Mary. Keep to Her faithfully and steadily at every moment and turn of your life, at the beginning and end of all your work, of your earthly pilgrimage. Cling to Her in the midst of oppression and difficulties and She will help you. Take refuge with Her in your temptations, loneliness and dryness, look for Her when you are successful and consoled. Always remember that you are Her children, teach others to love Her, to fall back on Her.[1]

RESPONSORY Proverbs 31:10; 18; 30; 30

When one finds a worthy wife, at night her lamp is undimmed.
 Her value is far beyond pearls. She reaches out her hands to the poor.

Charm is deceptive and beauty fleeting.
Her value is far beyond pearls. She reaches out her hands to the poor.


O God,
you led Blessed Marcellina on various paths of life so that she might serve you and draw families to you,
thanks to her intercession, grant that we may be faithful to our vocation and always fulfil your will.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

Congregatio de Cultu Divino et Disciplina Sacramentorum. Probatum seu confirmatum, die 28 decembris 1996 et die 30 augusti 2010. Prot. 296/10/L.

[1] Translated by DChojnacki (2016).


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