January 18, Bl Regina Protmann

January 18
In the Archdiocese of Warmia
Optional memorial

Regina Protmann was born in 1552 in Braniewo (the Diocese of Warmia) in a pious and wealthy family who brought her up religiously and educated her well. Called and led by God’s grace, he left her home at 19 in order to dedicate herself to the life of prayer and penance in complete consecration to God. In 1571 she founded a contemplative-active congregation, without strict cloister, that performed three types of apostleship: caring for the sick and poor, educating children and teenagers, working for the Church. Her motto was, “As God wills.” Prompted by love of Jesus Christ, she tried to be like Him in the loving surrender to the heavenly Father’s will. She died on 18 January 1613 surrounded by her sisters. She was beatified on 13 June 1999 by Pope John Paul II.

Common of Virgin.

[PDF Version]



From the last will of Blessed Regina Protmann
(Provincional Archive of the Congregation of the Sisters of St Catherine in Braniewo)
Motherly Cautions

This is my humble and motherly caution for you, my beloved sisters: always stay with God and our most beloved Groom Jesus Christ, as well as with all people. Remain disciplined and decent, in profound humility, real patience, perfect obedience and Christian love.

Beloved sisters, learn to mortify in yourselves not only harmful desires, but also the petit, minute and disordered ones that can harm your vocation and state: unnecessary talks, suspicious and vain thoughts, sloth and futile laughter.

Attempt to do that diligently so as not only to realise kind and sisterly love, but to live in peace with everyone, and good God shall help you in all and bless you.[1]

RESPONSORY Proverbs 23:26; 4:9; 5:1

My daughter, give me your heart, and let your eyes keep to my ways.
 For they are your glorious crown on your head.

My daughter, to my wisdom be attentive, to my knowledge incline your ear.
For they are your glorious crown on your head.


O God,
you included all commandments in the commandment to love you and the neighbour,
grant, we beseech you, that living by the spirit of the Gospel we may be able to respond to the needs of the Church and the world by the example and intercession of Blessed Regina, virgin.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

Congregatio de Cultu Divino et Disciplina Sacramentorum. Probatum seu confirmatum, die 8 septembris 1999. Prot. 1802/99/L.

[1] Translated by DChojnacki (2016).


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