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June 8, St Hedwig of Poland (Jadwiga Królowa)

June 8
Obligatory memorial

Hedwig was born in 1374 as a daughter of the King of Hungary and Poland – Louis. She inherited the throne of Poland form her father and in 1384 was crowned. She married the Great Duke of Lithuania – Władysław Jagiełło and contributed the Christianisation of the country. She also facilitated the creation of the Faculty of Theology in Kraków and the subsequent renewal of the University. Throughout her life, she was known for her generosity. She died in Kraków on 17 July 1399.

Common of Holy Women.

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October 16, St Hedwig of Silesia (Jadwiga Śląska)

October 16
Obligatory memorial
In the Metropolitan Archdioceses of Upper-Silesia and Wrocław:
Major patron saint of Silesia and the Archdiocese of Wrocław – Solemnity

Hedwig (Jadwiga) was born in Bavaria about 1174. At 13, she married Prince Henry the Bearded, with whom she later had seven children. She served the poor and sick, for whom she founded hospitals. After her husband’s death she took shelter in the convent in Trzebnica, where she died on 15 October 1243.

Common of Holy Women Who Worked for the Underprivileged, except:

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July 24, St Cunegunda (Kinga)

July 24
Obligatory memorial

Cunegunda was born in 1234 as a daughter of the Hungarian King – Béla IV. She was St Margaret of Hungary and Bl Yolanda’s sister, and Boleslaus the Chaste’s wife. They took up the vow of chastity. She shared the ups and downs of a long and difficult reign, serving as a mother of all the poor and afflicted. After her husband’s death she entered the Order of the Poor Clares that she herself had founded in Stary Sącz. She combined the spirit of austere penance with internal Franciscan happiness attained with suffering and the difficulty of life. She died in Stary Sącz on 24 July 1292. Her cult began immediately after her death. She was canonised by Pope John Paul II in 1999.

Common of Holy Women.

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June 25, Bl Dorothea of Montau (Dorota z Mątowów)

June 25
In the Archdiocese of Gdańsk
Optional memorial
In the Dioceses of Warmia and Elbląg – Obligatory memorial

Blessed Dorothea was born in Great Montau (Mątowy Wielkie) in 1347. As a young woman she was wedded and gave birth to 9 children. Being a precautious housewife, she consistently strove for Christian perfection. After her husband’s death, she went to Kwidzyn to get spiritual guidance from the renowned theologian Johannes of Marienwerder. Having his permission, she established a hermit’s cell against the wall of the cathedral and devoted her life to prayer and penance. She died on 25 June 1394.

Common of Holy Women.

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May 12, Bl Jutta of Bielczyny (Juta z Bielczyn)

May 12
In the Archdiocese of Toruń
Optional memorial

Blessed Jutta was born ca 1220 in Sangerhausen at the foot of the Harz Mountains, north of Erfurt. When her husband had died, she distributed all her wealth to the poor, and started to make pilgrimages to holy places. He supported the Teutonic Knights in their Christianising of Prussia. Living in a hermitage in Bielczyny, near Chełmża, she cared for the sick and shared the food that she managed to obtain by begging. Her cult began soon after her death and her body was placed in the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Chełmża.

Common of Holy Women.