Litany of the Polish Nation

V. Lord, have mercy.
R. Christ have mercy.
V. Lord have mercy. Christ hear us.
R. Christ graciously hear us.

God, the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the World,
God the Holy Spirit,
Holy Trinity, One God,

On Poland, our fatherland, have mercy, O Lord.
On the nation of Martyrs,
On the people always faithful to You,

Jesus Infinitely Merciful, have mercy on us.
Jesus Infinitely Powerful,
Jesus, our Hope,

O Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Poland, pray for us.
Saint Stanislaus, Father of our land,
Saint Adalbert, Patron of Poland,
Saint Casimir, Patron of Lithuania,
Saint Josaphat, Patron of Ruthenia,
Saints Cyril and Methodius, Apostles to the Slavs,
Saint Otto, Apostle of Pomerania,
Saint Hedwig, Patroness of Silesia,
Saint Hyacinth, Apostle of Ruthenia,
Saint John Cantius, Patron of professors and students,
Saint Stanislaus Kostka, Patron of adolescents,
Saint Andrew Bobola, Martyr for the faith,
Saint Andrew Zorard and Benedict,
Saint Polish Martyrs Benedict, John, Matthew, Isaac and Christian,
Saint Bruno, Apostle of the Polish lands,
Saint Wenceslaus, Patron of the Kraków Cathedral,
Saint Florian, Patron of Kraków,
Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Martyr from Auschwitz,
Saint John of Dukla, Patron of Polish knights,
Saint Simon of Lipnica, Preacher of the truth,
Saint Cunegunda, Patroness of Miners,
Saint John Sarkander, Martyr from Olomouc,
Saint Hedwig, Queen, Patroness of Young Women,
Saint Melchior, Martyr from Košice,
All holy men and women Saints of God,`

Blessed Ladislaus of Gielniów, Patron of Warsaw,
Blessed Ceslaus, Patron of Wrocław,
Blessed Bronislava, Patroness of the Opole Silesia,
Blessed James Strepa, Patron of Lviv,
Blessed Vincent Kadłubek, Chronicler of Poland,
Blessed Bogumilus, Archbishop of Gniezno,
Blessed Salomea, Duchess of Galicia,
Blessed Yolanda, Widow, Propagator of the evangelical renewal,
Blessed Sadok along with the forty-eight Sandomierz Martyrs,
Blessed Mary Theresa Ledóchowska, Mother of Africans,

From long and heavy penance of history, deliver us, O Lord.
From the shackles of bondage,
From the hour of doubt,
From the instigation of betrayal,
From our indolence,
From the spirit of discord,
From hatred and anger,
From ill will,
From eternal death,

Our kings’ guilt, forgive, O Lord.
Our magnates’ guilt,
Our gentry’s guilt,
Our country rulers’ guilt,
Our directors’ guilt,
Our pastors’ guilt,
Our people’s guilt,
Our father and mother’s guilt,
The whole Polish nation’s guilt,

The sound of our martyrs’ blood, hear, O Lord.
The sound of our soldiers’ blood,
The cry of our mothers and wives,
The cry of our widows and orphans,
The cry of children tortured for praying in Polish,
The tears of the displaced and exiles from the fatherland,
The tears of farmers deprived of their land,
The call of harmed workers,
The wails from prisons and concentration camps,
The clank of our breaking shackles,

Faith in you and trust in Mary, grant us, O Lord.
Hope in the victory of the good cause,
Love of Poland, our fatherland,
Courage, wisdom, meekness and solidarity,
All the gifts of the Holy Spirit,
Service in your holy cause on earth,
Freedom, glory, happiness and peace,

By your Nativity, a great hero, give us, O Lord.
By the Mother of God, the Holy Father for long years, save, O Lord.
By your most holy life, to live well, teach us, O Lord.
By your cross and passion, our suffering bravely endure, teach us, O Lord.
By your holy Resurrection, from the darkness of sin, resurrect us , O Lord.
By your Ascension, grand, free and happy fatherland, grant us, O Lord.
By the Descent of the Holy Spirit, a “good spirit,” grant us, O Lord.
By the pure sacrifice of Queen Hedwig, in unity our Poland, save, O Lord.
By the virtues of our great Fathers, your blessing, let us earn, O Lord.
God of the Piasts and Jagiellons, do not abandon us, O Lord.
God of Sobieski and Haller, do not abandon us, O Lord.
God of Father Kordecki and Father Kolbe, do not abandon us, O Lord.

V. Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
R. Spare us, O Lord.
V. Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
R. Graciously hear us, O Lord.
V. Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
Have mercy on us.

Let us pray.
O Almighty God, Lord of Hosts,
we fall at your feet in thanksgiving for giving us your immense shelter for ages.
We thank you for leading our Fathers from the hands of our oppressors, invaders and enemies.
We praise you for granting us freethinking and peace after the years of bondage.
Through Christ our Lord.
R. Amen.


Now that we need so much strength to preserve the freedom we have regained, we beseech you, O God, fill us with the power of your Spirit. Calm our hearts, give us trust in your love. Enlighten our brothers’ dim minds. Grant the nation the desire for the patient fight for retaining peace and freedom. Grant that we may become able to preserve, with our own hands and solidarity and in the service of your cross, your kingdom in us, our families and our nation as it was in the times of our ancestors. Save us from hunger, poverty and war. Give us bread. Bless our work, O merciful Lord, O just Lord, O almighty Lord.
God, may the Holy Spirit change the face of our land and strengthen your people. Grant us, O Lord, now that we have humbly accepted the “confirmation of the history” – given to us by Pope John Paul II – that we may never sadden your Spirit, and by being entrusted to Mary, Mother of the Church and Queen of Poland, that we may be always faithful to Christ and Fatherland. Amen.


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