Polish Saints

Ordered by canonisation year.
Beatification year and additional information in footnotes.
Polish names in ().
Birth and/or death dates in {}.

Born (or said to be born) and active in Poland:
1004 – Saint Isaac (Izaak) {d. 1003} [among “The Five Holy Martyrs”] by John XVIII
1004 – Saint Matthew (Mateusz) {d. 1003} [among “The Five Holy Martyrs”] by John XVIII
1004 – Saint Christian (Krystyn) {d. 1003} [among “The Five Holy Martyrs”] by John XVIII
1083 – Saint Andrew Zorard (Andrzej Świerad) {d. 1030/1034} by Gregory VII
1083 – Saint Benedict (Benedykt) {d. ca 1037} by Gregory VII
1253 – Saint Stanislaus of Szczepanów (Stanisław ze Szczepanowa) {ca 1030-1079} by Innocent IV
1521 – Saint Casimir (Kazimierz) {1458-1484} by Leo X1
1594 – Saint Hyacinth (Jacek) {ca 1185-1257} by Clement VIII2
1726 – Saint Stanislaus Kostka (Stanisław Kostka) {1550-1568} by Benedict XIII3
1767 – Saint John Cantius (Jan Kanty) {1390-1473} by Clement XIII4
1867 – Saint Josaphat Kuntsevych (Jozafat Kuncewicz) {1580-1623} by Pius IX5
1938 – Saint Andrew Bobola (Andrzej Bobola) {1591-1657} by Pius XI6
1983 – Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe (Maksymilian Maria Kolbe) {1894-1941} by John Paul II7
1989 – Saint Brother Albert Chmielowski {1845–1916} by John Paul II8
1991 – Saint Raphael Kalinowski (Rafał Kalinowski) {1835-1907} by John Paul II9
1995 – Saint Melchior Grodziecki {1582-1619} by John Paul II10
1995 – Saint John Sarkander (Jan Sarkander) {1576-1620} by John Paul II11
1997 – Saint John of Dukla (Jan z Dukli) {1414-1484} by John Paul II12
2000 – Saint Faustina Kowalska (Faustyna Kowalska) {1905-1938} by John Paul II13
2002 – Saint Joseph Sebastian Pelczar (Józef Sebastian Pelczar) {1842-1924} by John Paul II14
2005 – Saint Sigismund Gorazdowski (Zygmund Gorazdowski) {1845-1920} by Benedict XVI15
2005 – Saint Joseph Bilczewski (Józef Bilczewski) {1860-1923} by Benedict XVI16
2007 – Saint Simon of Lipnica (Szymon z Lipnicy) {ca 1435-1440} by Benedict XVI17
2009 – Saint Sigismund Felix Feliński (Zygmund Szczęsny Feliński) {1822-1895} by Benedict XVI18
2010 – Saint Stanislaus of Kazimierz (Stanisław Kazimierczyk) {1433-1489} by Benedict XVI19
2014 – Saint John Paul II (Jan Paweł II – born Karol Wojtyła) {1920-2005} by Francis20
2016 – Saint Stanislaus Papczyński (Stanisław Papczyński) {1631-1701} by Francis21

Active and died in Poland:
999 – Saint Adalbert (Wojciech) {956-997} by Sylvester II
1004 – Saint Benedict of Pereum (Benedykt z Pereum) {d. 1003} [among “The Five Holy Martyrs”]  by John XVIII
1004 – Saint John of Venice (Jan z Wenecji) {d. 1003} [among “The Five Holy Martyrs”] by John XVIII
1029-3522 – Saint Bruno Boniface of Querfurt (Bruno Bonifacy z Kwerfurtu) {974-1009}
1189 – Saint Otto of Bamberg (Otto z Bambergu) {1060-1139} by Clement III
1267 – Saint Hedwig of Silesia (Jadwiga Śląska) {1174/1178/1180-1243} by Clement IV
1909 – Saint Clement Maria Hofbauer (Klemens Maria Hofbauer) {1751-1820} by Pius X23
1997 – Saint Hedwig Queen of Poland (Jadwiga Królowa) by John Paul II24
1999 – Saint Cunegunda of Poland (Kinga) {1373/1374-1399} by John Paul II25
2003 – Saint Ursula Ledóchowska (Urszula Ledóchowska) {1865-1939} by John Paul II26

Connected to Poland:
1192 – Saint Ladislaus of Hungary (Władysław Węgierski) {1040/1048-1095} by Celestine III
1998 – Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross – Edith Stein (Teresa Benedykta od Krzyża – Edyta Stein) {1891-1942} by John Paul II27

Blesseds Known as Saints:
16th century – Blessed Benigna of Wrocław {d. 1241/1259}28
1637 – Blessed Jutta of Bielczyny (Juta z Chełmży/z Bielczyny) {ca 1220-1260} aprobatio cultus by Urban VIII
1672 – Blessed Salomea {1211/1212-1668} aprobatio cultus by Clement X
1839 – Blessed Bronislava (Bronisława) {ca 1200-1259} aprobatio cultus by Gregory XVI
1925 – Blessed Bogumilus of Dobrów (Bogumił z Dobrowa) {d. 13th century} aprobatio cultus by Pius XI
1970 – Blessed Radim Gaudentius (Radzim Gaudenty) {960/970-1006/1018} aprobatio cultus by Paul VI
1976 – Blessed Dorothea of Montau (Dorota z Mątowów) {1347-1394} aprobatio cultus by Paul VI

1The original bull had been lost. It was re-issued by Clement VIII in 1602.
2Beatified by Martin V in 1427.
3Beatified by Paul V in 1602.
4Beatified by Innocent XI in 1680.
5Beatified by Urban VIII in 1643.
6Beatified by Pius IX in 1853.
7Beatified by Paul VI in 1971.
8Beatified by John Paul II in 1983.
9Beatified by John Paul II in 1983.
10Beatified by Pius X in 1905.
11Beatified by Pius IX in 1859.
12Beatified by Innocent XI in 1685.
13Beatified by John Paul II in 1993.
14Beatified by John Paul II in 1991.
15Beatified by John Paul II in 2001.
16Beatified by John Paul II in 2001.
17Beatified by Clement XII in 1733.
18Beatified by John Paul II in 2002.
19Beatified by John Paul II in 1993.
20Beatified by Benedict XVI in 2011.

21Beatified by Tarcisio Bertone (on behalf of Benedict XVI) in 2007.
22Exact date unknown.
23Beatified by Leo XIII in 1888.
24Beatified by John Paul II in 1979.
25Beatified by Alexander VIII in 1690.
26Beatified by John Paul II in 1983.
27Born in Wrocław in 1891 (currently in Poland, then in Germany).
28Beatification details unknown.


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