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July 20, Bl Ceslaus (Czesław)

July 20
Obligatory memorial

Ceslaus (Czesław) was born ca 1180. Being already a priest, he entered the Order of Preachers and was invested with a habit by St Dominic. He proclaimed the Word of God in Bohemia and Poland. He founded monasteries in Prague and Wrocław. He died on 15 July 1242. He is patron saint of the Archdiocese of Wrocław and Diocese of Opole.

Common of Religious.

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November 16, Wrocław Archcathedral

November 16
In the Archdiocese of Wrocław
In the Archcathedral – Solemnity

The Diocese of Wrocław was created in 1000 during the reign of Boleslaus the Brave and was the suffragan of the Province of Gniezno. Its first cathedral was the wooden church by the Oder River which got destroyed during the times of the return of paganism after the Boleslaus’s death. In the middle of the 12th century Bishop Walter began building the new cathedral. It was the stone temple modelled after the ancient Roman basilicas. The foundations of the third, Gothic church were laid by Bishop Tomasz I, and its consecration was performed by Bishop Tomasz II. Further works were carried out by Bishop Nankier. This God’s house was destroyed at the end of World War II. The renovated temple was consecrated by Stefan Wyszyński, Primate of Poland, in 1951.

Common of the Dedication of a Church.

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October 16, St Hedwig of Silesia (Jadwiga Śląska)

October 16
Obligatory memorial
In the Metropolitan Archdioceses of Upper-Silesia and Wrocław:
Major patron saint of Silesia and the Archdiocese of Wrocław – Solemnity

Hedwig (Jadwiga) was born in Bavaria about 1174. At 13, she married Prince Henry the Bearded, with whom she later had seven children. She served the poor and sick, for whom she founded hospitals. After her husband’s death she took shelter in the convent in Trzebnica, where she died on 15 October 1243.

Common of Holy Women Who Worked for the Underprivileged, except:

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August 7, Bl Edmund Bojanowski

August 7
Optional memorial
In the Archdioceses of Poznań and Wrocław – Obligatory memorial

Edmund Bojanowski was born on 14 November 1814 in Grabonóg in the Archdiocese of Poznań. A nobleman, patriot and devotee – he chose the path of celibacy to be freer and of service for the Kingdom of God. He interpreted the earthly reality in the Evangelical spirit, and, forgetting himself, he especially helped the neglected people in the countryside. In 1850 he founded the Congregation of the Sisters Servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He realised the common call to sainthood, serving as a role-model of the lay apostolate. He was the precursor of Vatican II. He died on 7 August 1871 in Górka Duchowna. He is a pioneer of lay apostolate closely cooperating with the Church hierarchy.

Common of Holy Men.

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